IAB TCF v2 Roadmap

The team is part of the IAB TCF working group and co-writer of the IAB TCF v2 technical specs. We therefore  are in first line with all new developments and changes to the specs. Here is our roadmap for the IAB TCF CMP v2 support:

What is the difference between the IAB TCF v1 and v2?

The main differences between IAB TCF v1 and v2 are that v2 now allows to differenciate between "consent" and "legitimate interest". It also introduces some new control features for publishers and adds/refines the purposes that were used before. Here is a quick overview on the changes between v1 and v2:

  • Added support for legitimate interest as legal basis for vendors and purposes
  • Added support for "specific jurisdiction disclosures" for cookies
  • Added support for publisher restrictions
  • Added support for OOB (out of band) signals
  • Added support for information on disclosed and allowed vendors
  • Refined support for custom publisher purposes
  • Refined purposes (12 instead of 5), features and special features
  • New logic of showing "stacks" (groups of purposes) in the consent layer instead of several single purposes
  • Refined CMP JS API

Will v1 be compatible with v2?

No. Although the new "tranperancy and consent string" will look similar to the existing consent string from v1, it will not be backward compatible. Vendors and CMPs that want to read v2 signals will need to develop new software for this.

What features are you plan to support?

We plan to support all new features and things that are defined with the IAB TCF v2 spec as well as offering the same (and more) custom features to our clients in the way that our clients are used to.

What is the timeline for the IAB TCF v2 CMP support?

The IAB finalized the specification and policy on 21th of August 2019. The Version 2 will become "active" on March 2020. Until April 2020 the "old" Version 1 will be allowed to be used. This means that there will be one month of time where both versions are allowed.

We already started developing the necessary features in order to support the CMP v2 API. In order to allow our clients to have enough time to test and implement the new CMP version, we will publish the updates for v2 by the end of 2019. This gives our clients 3-4 months time for testing and implemention before it is necessary to be switched to v2 from April 2020 on.

Do I need to ask my visitors again?

Yes. The signals are not compatible. All visitors will be asked again.

Will I need to change the code on my website?

Yes. The IAB decided on a "clean cut" and therefore make a hard change on the API specification. This means that publisher will need to change the codes in their websites.

In order to allow a "transition" we will offer codes that support both, v1 and v2, at the same time.

Will I need to make changes to my TagManager or any other tool that is working with the CMP or the signals?

Maybe. For most TagManagers the connection between CMP and TagManager will work the same way as before. In some cases adjustments to the Tagmanager rules might be necessary. We will inform you about necessary changes on this page.

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