Switching over from IAB TCF v1 to IAB TCF v2

From May 2020 on we will allow clients to manually switch over from IAB TCF v1 support to IAB TCF v2. Here is what you need to do:

  1. In order to switch your existing CMP from TCF v1 to TCF v2 please go to Menu > CMPs > Edit and expand Other settings. You will find a button "Switch to IAB TCF v2":

  2. When switching, the system will delete all IAB TCF v1 purposes from your CMP and insert IAB TCF v2 purposes. Please note that the purposes are not compatible and hence you need to reassign them:

  3. Not all vendors that are IAB TCF v1 compatible will also be IAB TCF v2 compatible. When switching from v1 to v2, incompatible vendors will change their ID. If you are using vendor IDs in some form (e.g. TagManager rules, javascript codes, ...) you will need to align them. You can see if a vendor is IAB TCF v2 compatible by looking at the IAB icon behind each vendors name:

    (Screenshot before adding these vendors to the vendor list)

    (Screenshot after adding the vendors, please note that some vendors changed their ID)


  4. With IAB TCF v2 the system will also change the responses of the JavaScript API. If you are using the JavaScript API, please make sure to update your javascript code.
  5. Please note, that IAB TCF v2 distinguishes between purposes, features, special purposes and special features. The different categories are denoted in the purposes list by using different prefixes for each ID. E.g. special features begin with a "r" and special purposes begin with a "s".
    Please note, that the system will automatically add special purposes to your purpose-list. These purposes cannot be deactivated.



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