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Working with Google reCAPTCHA

Unfortunately reCaptcha is causing many issues. In most cases the only working way is to exclude ...

Google Tag Manager (GTM)

Please note: Only the manual blocking code can be delivered using a TagManager. If you want to us...

Client-side configuration options

In order to change the behavior or design of the CMP you can set several JavaScript-Variables: ...

Integrating the CMP API for Apps

In some cases the existing SDKs cannot be used and custom intergations are neccessary. In this ca...

Compressed Custom IDs Format

In order to save storage and cookie size, the CMP will store the consent information in a propria...

How to integrate the CMP into a plentymarkets Shop?

Please note: The below description is only valid for the manual blocking code. If you want to use...

Which Agency can help me implementing the Code into my Website?

Here is a list of web design agencies and web development agencies that offer services on impleme...

Using the IAB TCF in your CMP

If a CMP is set to use the IAB TCF is indicated by the IAB TCF icon below the CMP name: IAB Co...

Site-URL parameters

The CMP supports different paramters that can be added to the website's URL in order to influnece...

Manually opening / resurfaceing the consent layer

In order to allow users to later change their choices the CMP usually shows a preference-button (...

Text macros and placeholders

Macros or placeholders are predefined words that can occur in a text. The system will automatical...

5. Create your own Design & Texts

This step is optional. We already created some default designs for you that can be used.  If you...

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