3. CMP Settings / Setup

In order to get the CMP integrated into your website, you first need to setup at least one CMP in our system. Therefore please go to “CMPs” and click on the “Add New CMP” button.

The following settings might be of interest for you:

  • CMP name – Can be any name, domain or URL. A “CMP” in our system is not restricted to be exactly one physical website but can also be a group of websites or just a sub-channel of a website.

  • Logo-URL & Privacy-Page-URL – Make sure you add these URLs as they will influence the Acceptance-Rate of your CMP.

  • Designs – Select the designs that should be shown. Selecting no design will be treated the same way as if you selected all designs. If you choose more than one design, the system will rotate these designs and optimize for the design with the highest acceptance rate.

  • Vendorlist – Depending on your understanding of the GDPR law you can or must choose the whitelist. In order to choose/edit your whitelist, please save the CMP first.
  • Important note: If whitelisting is enabled, the IAB TCF CMP specs do no longer allow global consent cookies. This means, that all visitors on your website need to asked (again), even if they already gave consent on a different website. If whitelisting is disabled, a visitor can give consent on website A and another website B can use the same consent decision without the need to ask the visitor again.

  • Non-EU Visitors – If disabled, the CMP will only appear for visitors that are from countries within the EEA. If enabled, the CMP will appear to all visitors.


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