How to integrate the CMP into a WordPress website?

Please note: The below description is only valid for the manual blocking code. If you want to use automatic code blocking, please ensure that the CMP-Code is inserted directly after the <head> element of your website code.

In order to integrate your CMP into a WordPress website, please follow these steps:

Automatic Integration via PlugIn

  1. Login to your WordPress CMS and click on Plugins section > Add New.
  2. On the next page search for "consentmanager" - Download Link on
  3. The Page will show you matching plugins. On the ConsentManager Plugin click on the "Install Now" button
  4. Once the Plugin is installed, you will find a new Item in your navigation under Settings > Consent Manager.
  5. Login to and click on Get Code, scroll down to the section "Setup for WordPress CMS", then copy the ID of your CMP:

  6. Paste the ID into the WordPress Plugin and press save:

  7. Once you saved the ID in the WordPress Plugin, the Code will be automatically inserted into your page.

Manuall Integration via Code

  1. Login to your WordPress CMS
  2. Go to Appearance > Editor
  3. Edit the file that is responsible for the Header of your WordPress Theme (usually header.php)
  4. Find the start of the <body ...> section.
  5. Login to, go to Get Code and copy the Code from Section "Setup using Copy&Paste"
  6. Paste the CMP-Code directly after the end of the <body ...> section in your WordPress:

  7. Click on "Update File" button in order to save the changes.
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