Working with Sub-vendors / Sub-services

In cases when a vendor automatically loads other vendors, it may make sense to group these vendors together in order to enable a better user experience and compliance (called "subservice" or "subvendor"). A typical example of this is Google Maps or Google Recaptcha that will also load Google Fonts at the same time.

How to set up Sub-vendors

In order to connect two vendors with each other, please go to Menu > Vendors and edit the vendor. For each vendor you will see two fields for connecting vendors:

Assuming the above example with Google Maps (vendor ID s1104) loading Google Fonts (vendor ID s2612) you will the following setup:

  1. Add both vendors to your vendor list
  2. Edit vendor Google Maps and insert the ID of the other vendor (Google Fonts, s2612) into the fields for activation and deactivation
  3. Edit vendor Google Fonts and insert the ID of the first vendor (Google Maps, s1104) into the fields for activation and deactivation
  4. Assign both vendors to a purpose. We recommend to assign them both to the same purpose for better transparency.
  5. (Optional) We recommend to also update the description texts for both vendors in order to explain the connection between the two.

When a visitor on your website enables on of the two vendors, the other vendor will also automatically be enabled. The same will happen wen one of the vendors is disabled. This way either both vendors get activated or both will be blocked on your website.

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