Working with HubSpot

Due to recent court rulings we recommend to no longer use the below steps, but use a hard blocking of HubSpot as described in our manual blocking section.

Please note (still relevant also with manual blocking): When using Google Analytics with GTM on Hubspot, please make sure that the native Hubspot<=>GA option is deactivated (default is activated on Hubspot)

In order to use HubSpot on your website in conjunction with the ConsentManager CMP we recommend to do the following settings:

In your HubSpot account:

  1. Click on the settings icon

  2. In the menu click on Account defaults and enable EU privacy settings (GDPR):

  3. In the menu click on Tracking-Code > Cookie Policy, edit the Cookie Policy and disable the display of the cookie banner:

In addition to the steps above, we recommend blocking HubSpot in case when no consent is given.


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