Manually opening / resurfaceing the consent layer

In order to allow users to later change their choices the CMP usually shows a preference-button (or recall-button) in the lower left corner of the window:

The settings for this button can be found in Menu > CMPs > Edit CMP

This button can be disabled in Menu > CMPs > Legal settings

If disabled, we strongly recommend to add an own link or button to your website to allow users to change their consent settings.

If you want the consent layer to show up (even for users that already gave consent), you can do so by simply loading the page with either a hash (#cmpscreen) or parameter (?cmpscreen). For example: will force the consent screen to show.

As an alternative you can use #cmpscreencustom or ?cmpscreencustom in order to show the custom choices page instead of the welcome page of the consent screen.

<a href="/?cmpscreen">Cookie settings</a>

You can also use the JavaScript API in order to directly trigger the layer to open.

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