What is a PageView?

The most important number for the invoicing of almost all of the consent manager packages are the PageViews. In order to understand what/how we cound, here some details.

What is a "PageView" / "PageImpression" / "Seitenabruf" / ...?

In all cases we mean the same: It is the event when a visitor loads a single page on which the CMP-code is installed.


Visitor A visits: Startpage, Article A, Article B, Article C and the Contact form (=5x1 pages = 5 pageviews)
Visitor B visits: Article C, Article E and Article F (=3x1 pages = 3 pageviews)
Visitor C visits: Startpage and then leaves the website and comes later again to the start page (=2x the same page = 2 pageviews)
Visitor D visits the start page and refreshes the page 3 times (=4x the same page = 4 pageviews)

In above example our system would have counted 5+4+2+4 = 15 PageViews.

More details

  • A page view is not the same as a visitor. A visitor usually visits several pages on your website, hence there will be more pageviews than visitors.
  • A page view is independed from whether the consent layer was shown or not.
  • A page view is counted on all pages which have our CMP-code installed.
  • A page view is also counted each time when the user clicks on refresh or the page reloads for different reasons.
  • A page view from most search engine crawler are filtered and not counted.

Why do we count the PageViews?

The main cost for our service are the network infrasturcture and servers that we need to have in order to deliver the CMP-logik to the visitor. The more pageviews a website has, the more requests will the visitors browsers send to our servers, and the more server capacity we need.

Why not only count when the Consent Layer opened/showed?

The reason we are counting pageviews and not visitors or consent views is that our servers need to do the same amount of effort whether or not the consent layer is actually shown on the page or not. Even if the layer is not shown, in the background there will be our CMP script running, ensuring that all third party codes get blocked and enabling the visitor to change their choice.

How does a PageView count in an App?

In an app environment you will use our SDK in order to show the consent layer and perform the necessary tasks. The SDK will query our servers once a day when each user starts your app, in order to find out if settings changed or the user needs to see the consent layer again. This query will be counted as an PageView. Hence in an inApp environment you can see "PageViews" similar to "daily active users".

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