Working with contentpass Integration

Please note: The contentpass feature is not available in all packages.

The consentmanager CMP has an integrated connection to the contentpass payment gateway. Once enabled, it allows a visitor to choose a) to give consent to advertising and therefore continue browsing the website for free or b) to pay a small amount and therefore continue browsing the website without advertising.

How to use the contentpass Integration?

In order to use the contentpass integration you need to perform the following steps:

  1. Register with contentpass here.
  2. Once you registered, you will receive a contentpass ID and a (sub-)domain name that you will setup during the onboarding process.
  3. Setup your DNS to match the subdomain that is given by contentpass.
  4. Setup your consentmanager account as usual: Use IAB TCF for your advertising vendors, setup your vendorlist, setup your purposes and cookies.
  5. Login into consentmanager and go to Menu > Designs > Create new design.
  6. Scroll down to the box "Contentpass Integration" and enable it. Insert your ID and contentpass-URL (usually a subdomain like

  7. Style the design as you need (see below).
  8. Save the design and assign it to your CMP
  9. Update your ad-codes on your website for contentpass blocking (see below).

Blocking ads if the user has a paid subscription

For users that have a paid contentpass subscription you should block all ads and 3rd party tracking from your website. In order to automate the process you need to add the HTML attributes class="cmplazyload" and data-cmp-block="contentpass" to all ad codes on your website and change any src attribute of the adcodes to data-cmp-src. This is similar to the manual blocking mechanism:

<script class="cmplazyload" data-cmp-block="contentpass" data-cmp-src=""></script>

Customizing the design

When the contentpass integration is used, we recommend to set the following design settings:

  • Box Settings > Position: middle/center
  • Box Settings > Hide website: Yes
  • Box Settings > Box size > Desktop > Max width: 1000px
  • Box Settings > Background color: #FFFFFF00
  • Welcome page > Purposes > Purposes on first screen: Only list the names (or use macros to place the purposes within the text)
  • Buttons > Buttons: Accept
  • Buttons > Button Style > Corners: rounded
  • Buttons > Button Style > Width: 290px (or wider)
  • Buttons > Button Style > Padding: 15px (or wider)
  • Custom CSS:
.cmpcontentpassboxleft,.cmpcontentpassboxright,.cmpcontentpassboxbottom{background-color:white; border-radius:10px; padding:40px 64px;}

Once the design is saved you will find new text translation options under Menu > Texts > contentpass in order to customize the text that is displayed on the right side of the welcome screen:

Please note that the order of the elements is changed and some texts are placed on different position when contentpass is enabled compared to when it is not enabled.


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