What happens when the max. amount of pageviews per month is reached?

Some packages are limited to a certain amount of monthly maximum of pageviews. If your account is limited, you will see a progress bar in the right top corner of the page when you are logged in:

The color of the bar will indicate it your usage is "ok": If the bar is green, you are using pageviews within your monthly amount. If the bar is yellow or red, you are using more pageviews than what your package allowes you and you will probably run out of available pageviews before the end of month.

What happends when my account reaches the monthly maximum?

Once the monthly total amount is reached, the system will stop the delivery of all CMP in your account. This means the consent layer will no longer be shown and visitors can no longer accept/reject data processing on your website.

What legal implications does this have?

If the CMP is no longer shown on your website, visitors are no longer able to give their consent (under GDPR) or perform the opt-out (under CCPA). In most cases this does not have legal implications: If the layer is not show, all third party codes will remain blocked on your website by default. Hence no data processing will happen and the visitor will be "protected". Anyhow there might be legal implications regarding the right of information/transparency or other rights. Hence we highly recommend to upgrade to a higher package in case your current package is not sufficient.

What other implications does this have?

If the CMP is no longer shown on your website, all visitors are treated as "opted-out" and the third party codes on your website will be blocked. This means, that for this time for example you will not have any reports in your Google Analytics account, no Facebook remarketing, no social sharing buttons and other third party codes on your website. It also means, that we will no longer signal consent via the IAB TCF standard and your advertisers therefore might show lower-paid non-personalized ads.

When will my CMP be reactivated again?

The CMP will automatically be reactivated once the next month begins.

How can I increase the page impressions in my account?

In order to use more page impressions you can upgrade your account to a higher package. You will find the upgrade link in the top right corner in your account.

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