Working with AdRoll / NextRoll Pixel

If you are using AdRoll / NextRoll Pixel on your website, please follow these steps in order to ensure the pixels are used in a GDPR-compliant way:

Install the consent tool

  1. Place your NextRoll Pixel on your site pages.
  2. Go to
  3. Click on Try For Free Now! and sign up.
  4. Configure your setup:
    1. Login to your account
    2. Go to CMPs and click on Wizard button
    3. Go to Vendors/Whitelist and activate whitelisting on the IAB vendors list
    4. Make sure to whitelist vendor NextRoll, Inc. (vendor ID 130)

    5. Click on Get Code and follow the steps in order to insert the code into your website
  5. Ensure that the CMP can block the NextRoll pixel:
    1. If you have a TagManager (e.g. Google TagManager, Tealium, ...) on your website, please see the necessary steps in the help section Integration via TagManagement Sofware
    2. If you do not have a TagManager on your website, you will need to adjust the AdRoll Pixel Code by changing the first line. Your new code should look similar to this:
 <script data-cmp-vendor="130" type="text/plain" class="cmplazyload">
    adroll_adv_id = "YOURADVERTISERID";
    adroll_pix_id = "YOURPIXELID";

    (function () {
        var _onload = function(){
            if (document.readyState && !/loaded|complete/.test(document.readyState)){setTimeout(_onload, 10);return}
            if (!window.__adroll_loaded){__adroll_loaded=true;setTimeout(_onload, 50);return}
                var scr = document.createElement("script");
                var host = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? "" : "");
                scr.setAttribute('async', 'true');
                scr.type = "text/javascript";
                scr.src = host + "/j/roundtrip.js";
                ((document.getElementsByTagName('head') || [null])[0] ||
        if (window.addEventListener) {window.addEventListener('load', _onload, false);}
        else {window.attachEvent('onload', _onload)}


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