How to classify unknown cookies?

The Cookie Crawler will automatically classify cookies that are found on your website. The system knows about 2,000,000 different cookies. Anyhow, not all cookies can always be classified. In this case you need to manually assign types/purposes to these cookies.

How can I find unclassified cookies?

In order to find cookies that need classification, please go to Menu > Cookies and search for cookies of Type "unknown":

How to classify unknown cookies?

In most cases the purpose of a cookie can be found by looking at the vendor who is setting the cookie: For example if the vendor is a marketing company, it is likely that the cookies purpose is "Marketing". In order to find the purpose of a cookie you can ask the vendor for the purpose of the cookie or search the internet for other websites that discuss this cookie. If the purpose cannot be found, please assign the purpose that seems most likely.

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