Working with Targetings

The CMP allows you to create targetings for each design. If you set a targeting, the design will only be shown to visitors that match the targetin (e.g. having the same browser type or language).

How the system chooses a design with targetings

If a CMP uses more than one design, the system will walk through all designs and check which designs are possible for this visitor. If a design is set with a targeting, the system will check if this targeting matches the visitor. If the targeting does not match the visitor, the design will not be used for this visitor. From the remaining designs, the system will choose one (either randomly or dependend on the systems optimization settings).

Fallback designs

If you are using designs with targeting, you need to ensure that there will be a design for each visitor. If all designs use a targeting that does not match the visitor, the visitor will not see the consent layer. In order to avoid this, you should always add at least one design with the setting Fallback design set to yes. This tells the system to only use this design if all other designs have been excluded due to targetings.

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