Frequently asked questions

1. What is the difference between cmpNotOpenedCallback and onErrorCallback?

  • cmpNotOpenedCallback: This callback is used during the initialisation and check phase when the Consent Manager is determining whether a user requires consent. If the user already has valid consent, cmpNotOpenedCallback is invoked, indicating no further action is needed. If the user requires consent, the openCallback is triggered to handle the consent process.

  • onErrorCallback: This callback provides a way to integrate additional business logic in case of errors detected by the Consent Management Platform (CMP). The CMP aims to handle errors, such as timeouts, quietly without disrupting the user experience. The onErrorCallback can be used to respond to such errors with custom logic.

2. Does calling OpenConsentLayerOnCheck internally check if the users are in the EEA, or does this need to be handled by the developer?

3. Sometimes, it may be due to network issues that the consent popup does not load. How should this situation be handled?

If you experience a timeout, usually the the handling would be to wait for the next time the user opens the app and has a better network. It then will show the consent layer. You can customise the behaviour also with the onErrorCallback.

4. Can we set the consent page to occupy only half of the screen instead of the full screen? 

To change the inApp layout please check the documentation about changing the layout:



5. Is it possible for iOS client to include the ATTracking pop-up within consentmanager pop-up?

No, Apple is not allowing to only show the consentmanager popup and you need to open the ATT popup. Our iOS SDK has an interface where the ATTracking functions are utilised:

6. Is there a binary version of the SDK, instead of the source code version? 

For iOS as xcframework you can go to our repository and download it from there: 

7. We don't share data with third parties and therefore don't need to use the ATTrackingFramework. 

We offer a ATTracking free version to prevent possible notes from the automatic Apple Review. Please check the Pod and SPM with the version Tag:

1.99.4-no-att (

For any further inquiries or clarification, please do not hesitate to contact our development team.


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