The consent layer is not displayed (anymore). What can I do?

  • You already gave consent/rejection. ("But I deleted my cookies!" Please see topic serverside fingerprinting below)
  • The CMP-Code is not installed on the website. Please ensure the code is installed and no errors occur.
  • The account maximum is reached and delivery of the CMP has stopped.
  • The consent layer reached the maximum amount of tries per user. In this case only the privacy settings icon will appear in the left lower corner but the consent layer is not shown.
  • The user is not in the targeted area. E.g. CMPs > Edit > GDPR settings > Target audience is set to EU only but the user is from Africa or Asia.
  • Use a different browser. This will appear as a different visitor to the cmp and the consent layer will be shown again.
  • Add ?cmpscreen to the URL. E.g. open your website via . This will force the consent layer to show also in case if the maximum is reached.
  • You can reset your profile useing the following link: . This will reset your internal profile in the system and the consent layer will be shown again.

    Note: Use this only for debugging purposes, do not use in production mode.

Note: Deleting the cookies or using the private mode of the browser does not reset the consent logic. In order to appear as a new user you will need to do one of the above steps.

Code is not installed correct

In order to check if the CMP code is installed and working you can use the browser console:

  1. Open your website in the browser and press [F12] button in order to see the developer console
  2. Go to Console and type in __cmp('consentStatus')
  3. You should see a result similar to this:

  4. If you see an error, it means that the CMP is not installed or installed wrong:


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