How to integrate the CMP into a Magento Shop?

Please note: The plugin is designed for Magento 2 | Tested up to 2.4.6+ (PHP 8.2)

In order to integrate the CMP-Code into a Magento Shop please follow these steps:

Installation with composer

  1. Navigate to your Magento 2 installation folder
  2. Add the composer repository for the Consent Manager Magento 2 plugin to your setup.

    composer config repositories.magento2-consentmanager git ""
  3. To install the plugin, run the below command:
    composer require consentmanager/cmp dev-master

  4. To enable the plugin run the below command
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  5. Configure the plugin by going to "consentmanager" > "Settings"
  6. Clear any caches you might have to make sure that the consentmanagenr code appears on all of your pages.
    php bin/magento cache:flush

Manual installation

  1. Download our plugin:
  2. Upload the content to
  3. Enter following commands to install module:
    php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  4. Enable and configure CMP (CMP Code-ID, CDN, HOST, Blocking Mode) in Magento Admin under consentmanager -> Settings
  5. "Custom HTML Code" is an OPTIONAL input field e.g. for our client side configurations. If you enter anything, please do NOT forget to add the according <script></script> tags.

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