Using the IAB TCF in your CMP

If a CMP is set to use the IAB TCF is indicated by the IAB TCF icon below the CMP name:

IAB Compliance

The IAB TCF defines various policies that need to be followed. The system will automatically check if these policies are met. If setings are used that are not compliant to the IAB TCF policy, the system will disable the support for the IAB TCF API and the consent string. In order to see if a CMP or Design is compliant please check the icon under the CMP name or design name:

Setup the IAB TCF in your CMP

In order to use the IAB TCF in your CMP you need to enable this in Menu > CMPs > Edit and click on show other settings

In the Other Settings box set IAB TCF to IAB TCF v2:

Once enabled, you will notice certain differences in the settings:

  • Menu > Vendors will show some vendors as Automatic assignment:

    All vendors in your vendor list that are registered with the IAB TCF will now be automatically assigned to purposes.

  • Menu > Purposes will show the IAB TCF purposes in addition to your custom purposes:

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