How to report technical errors

In order to report technical errors please do as follows:

Give us details

Try to replicate the issue. In order to solve the issue, our developers need to be able to try it by themselfes. Therefore please let us know everything: When, how, why, when not, how not, ... Let us know the exact website, the exact steps you do, the browser and operating system you are using and so on. All details might be helpful.

Export the debug data from the CMP

In order to analyze what is happening, the debug data from the CMP can be helpful. In order to export it, please proceed as follows:

  1. Open your browser and the website where the issue happens.
  2. Before the issue happens, press the F12 button in order to open the browser console.
  3. Ensure you have logging activated:

  4. Replicate the steps untill the issue happens.
  5. Check for errors and warnings in the console and sent them to us (select the console text, copy & paste it into an email or support ticket):

  6. Start the process again but visit the website and add ?cmpdebug to the URL. This will tell the CMP to give more details in the console.
  7. Replicate the issue with ?cmpdebug in the URL , copy & paste the consentmanager console output into an email or support ticket:

Exporting the HAR info

In some cases it is necessary to analyze what the browser is sending. Therefore please go into your browser console > Network > right click on the network items and click on copy all as HAR:


Please ensure that caching is disabled and logging is activated:



Please ensure that caching is disabled and logging is enabled:

Google Tag Manager Debug

If you are having difficulties with a setup within GTM, please share your preview URL with us:

  1. In the top navigation of your workspace, click Versions.
  2. Find the version you would like to share, click More Actions More and select Share Preview.
  3. In the Share Preview dialog, enter your target website domain (e.g.
  4. Copy the resulting preview URL from the indicated box.
  5. Paste the copied preview URL into an electronic message and send it to a colleague. The preview URL lets the user connect to your site in preview mode and to view the Tag Assistant debug interface.

Please see here for the whole preview help section:

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