3. Create a CMP

In order to get the CMP integrated into your website, you first need to setup at least one CMP in our system. Therefore please go to “CMPs” and click on "Wizard" or the “Add New CMP” button.

What's a CMP?
CMP stands for Consent Management Provider. It is the tool that you integrate into your website in order to display the consent message for GDPR or the Opt-out message for CCPA.

Creating a CMP using the Wizard

The Wizard will help you creating a CMP by choosing the most common settings for you. In order to create a CMP with our Wizard, you will only need to make a few choices:

Classic Purposes or IAB TCF Purposes?

In most cases the "Classic Purposes" are the better fit. These purposes are named in a way that most people will understand ( e.g. "function" and "marketing"). These purposes are usually good for online shops, company-websites or websites that do not have online advertising on them.

The IAB TCF Purposes are usually a good choice if your website is using online advertising to generate revenue. The use of the IAB TCF purposes will help your CMP being IAB TCF compliant and help your advertisers understand if/what consent is given.

Whats the IAB TCF?
The IAB  or Interactive Advertising Bureau is the organisation that defines the standards for online advertising. TCF stands for Transparency and Consent Framework and is a standard for exchanging consent information in order to enable third parties on your website to understand the choices the visitor made.

Creating a CMP manually

When creating a CMP manually without the Wizard you can set much more settings. Especially for beginners we therefore recommend to use the Wizard instead (see above).

Configure the CMP

GDPR compliance

In order to enable GDPR compliance you do not need to change the configuration. The default setup of the CMP is set to ensure GDPR compliance.

CCPA compliance

In order to enable CCPA compliance you should go to CMPs > Edit > Show CCPA settings and enable the CCPA compliance by choosing the targeted audience (e.g. US or California).


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