How to integrate the CMP into a Shopware Shop?

Shopware versions 6.x

For all Shopware installations starting Version 6.3 we have an official plugin in the Shopware store:

consentmanager Shopware 6 Plugin Download

  1. Get the plugin for free at the official Shopware Store (link above)
  2. Insert your CMP ID
  3. Choose your blocking mode
  4. Try if your code works correct by accessing your website like this:
  5. Done

Shopware versions 5.x

In order to intergate the CMP into your Shopware Shop system please follow these steps:

Automatic Integration via Shopware PlugIn

This plugin is designed for Shopware Version 5.6.x and 5.7.x. For other versions, please insert the code manually (see below).

  1. Login to your Shopware System and click on Settings >Plugin Manager

  2. - Download the plugin for 5.6.x here
    - Download the plugin for 5.7.x here
  3. Click on Menu > Install > Upload plugin and select the zip file you downloaded

  4. Click on the + (Plus) icon next to the Consent Manager plugin

  5. - Insert your CMP-ID (can be found in your account at Menu > CMPs > Get Code)
    - Choose if you want to activate automatic blocking. If you do not activate automatic blocking, manual blocking will be activated (please see help section)
    - Activate plugin

Manuall integration

  1. You will need to edit the *.tpl files of your current theme. Therefore login into your server via FTP and locate the template directory and the template that you are using. Usually this can be found at {root}/themes/[template-name]/frontend/index/header.tpl
  2. In header.tpl search for <body
  3. After the <body .... > you will find a {/block}, insert the CMP code after this  {/block} enclosed in {literal} and {/literal} :

  4. Save the file.

Alternative integration option

As an alternative way you can use these steps:

  1. Create a new child theme from your existing theme
  2. Create a file /themes/[your-child-theme]/frontend/index/index.tpl
  3. Insert the following code into the file:
{extends file="parent:frontend/index/index.tpl"}
{block name='frontend_index_after_body' append}
{literal} ... CMP-Code ... {/literal}
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