Working with Econda Tracking

The Econda Tracking software offers support for different modes of tracking, e.g. anonymous tracking, no tracking or full tracking. In order to work with Econda tracking, please follow these steps:

  1. When downloading the emos3 library from Econda, you can choose the default-mode for the privacy mode. Please download the library using privacy mode = 1 ("Kein Messen") or set window.emos3.PRIV_MODE = '1'; in the econda configuration settings.
  2. Insert the emos3 library into your website as usual
  3. Insert the following code into your website after the CMP-Code:
  function updateEconda(e,o)
   var c = __cmp("getVendorConsents", null, null, false);
   if(c === false){ var c = __cmp("noncompliant_getVendorConsents", null, null, false); }
   if(typeof(c) == 'object' && "gdprApplies" in c && (!c.gdprApplies || c.customVendorConsents['s240']))
    //consent given, enable econda full tracking
    //no consent given, disable enable econda tracking


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