[ReactNative] 1. consentmanager SDK Integration

CMP SDK is a React Native library that facilitates the management of user consent for data processing and storage. It is designed to help developers comply with various data protection regulations.


npm install cmp-sdk

Getting Started

Linking (React Native 0.59 and below)

If you are using React Native 0.59 or below, you need to link the native modules manually:


Import the Consentmanager from the cmp-sdk package in your code:

import { Consentmanager } from 'cmp-sdk';

Initializing the SDK

You can initialize the CMP SDK using either the direct configuration or a config object:

Direct Initialization:

Consentmanager.createInstance('Code-ID from consentmanager, e.g. bfa712361a....', 
  'Server-Domain from consentmanager, e.g.', 
  'App Name, e.g. MyReactApp', 
  'Language, e.g. FR');

Initialization using Config Object:


To manage the consent layer:


Event Handling

Add event listeners to handle various consent-related events:

const removeListeners = Consentmanager.addEventListeners({
  onOpen: () => console.log('Consent layer opened'),
  onClose: () => console.log('Consent layer closed'),
  // Add other event handlers as needed

Remember to remove the event listeners when they are no longer needed:


You can check for vendor and purpose consents:

Consentmanager.hasVendor('vendorID').then((hasConsent) => {
  console.log('Has vendor consent: ', hasConsent);

Check Purpose Consent:

Consentmanager.hasPurpose('purposeID').then((hasConsent) => {
  console.log('Has purpose consent: ', hasConsent);
Consentmanager.exportCmpString().then((cmpString) => {
  console.log('CMP String: ', cmpString);

Additional Methods

The CMP SDK provides various methods to retrieve or manage consent data, such as:

  • getAllVendors()
  • getAllPurposes()
  • getEnabledVendors()
  • getEnabledPurposes()
  • getDisabledVendors()
  • getDisabledPurposes()
  • getUSPrivacyString()
  • getGoogleACString()

Refer to the SDK documentation for detailed information on these methods.

Roadmap for future functionalities

  • disableVendorList, enableVendorList
  • disablePurposeList, enablePurposeList
  • Cmp ATT Manager for iOS
  • Custom layouts



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