Client-side configuration options

In order to change the behavior or design of the CMP you can set several JavaScript-Variables:

Variable Description
window.cmp_regulation = 1; Set legislation/regulation for this user (1=GDPR, 2=CCPA, 3=LGPD, 0=nothing applies). This overrides the automatic detection.
window.cmp_privacyurl = "https://www...."; Override the URL for the privacy policy link.
window.cmp_imprinturl = "https://www...."; Override the URL for the imprint link.
window.cmp_tacurl = "https://www...."; Override the URL for the T&C link

window.cmp_textmacros = {"macroname":"value",

"macroname2": "value", ...};

Set macros that can appear in any translated text of the consent layer. In order to use a macro, please set [mymacro] in the text under Menu > Texts and set the value that this macro should be replaced via JS on the website using window.cmp_textmacros = {"mymacro":"replaced text"};
window.cmp_stayiniframe = 1; If set, the CMP-code will not try to get out of an iframe but instead show the consent layer within this iframe.
window.cmp_proto = "https:"; Override the used protocol for the connection. Default is "https:"
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