What to do when the Crawler reports issues?

The Crawler will visit your website on a regular basis and report if isses have been found. You can see the issues on your dashboard and in Menu > Cookie Crawler > Last 7 days or Last automatic crawl

If the crawler alerts you of problematic cookies on your website you should ensure that the following settings are done:

  1. Ensure that all Cookies (Menu > Cookies) are assigned to a type
  2. Ensure that all Vendors (Menu > Vendors) are assigned to a type
  3. Ensure that all third party codes on your website are prepared so our system can block these codes

The crawler will send alerts for problematic cookies whenever it finds cookies of type Marketing, Analytics or unknown on your website in case when no consent is given. In order to find the problematic cookies please see Menu > Cookie Crawler > Last 7 days and expand all vendors that set cookies for "Test B". The problematic cookies ar marked with an exclamation mark:

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