Reducing Cookie Size

When a visitor makes a choice, the CMP will save the choice in a cookie on the users device. The cookie can vary depending on multiple factors. The main factors are:

  • Amount of vendors that are registered with the IAB TCF
  • Amount of vendors that are not registered with the IAB TCF
  • Amount of vendors/purposes that are registered with the IAB TCF and are not set to use the standard legal basis

The basic rule here is: The more vendors you are using in your vendor list, the higher the cookie size will be in order to store the information about acceptance.

Important: Some browsers will stop delivering a website if the amount of all cookies (that are set to this domain) exceed 4k. It is therefore recommended to reduce the amount of vendors and to only change the legal basis if really required.

Important: AMP websites will not store the consent information if the cookie size exceeds 1200 characters

In order to reduce the cookie size, we recommend to use less than 200 vendors and enable compression (Menu > CMPs > Edit >Other Settings > Own Cookies):

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