How to start?

In order to start with the consentmanager API, please reach out to your account manager to get:

  • Endpoint URL
  • API-Key
  • Access-Type ID

Please note, that the REST API (other than the JS API) is not included in all packages.

What is the REST API for?

Typical tasks for the REST API include:

  • Automation of account management, e.g.:
    • Creating and updating CMPs
    • Updating designs and texts
    • Assigning vendors
    • ...
  • Automation of reporting, e.g.:
    • Pulling reports
    • Pulling protocols

The REST API cannot be used for:

  • You can not pull information about a specific user consent ("Did this user accept?").
  • You can not get IAB TCF information
  • You can not get vendor consent status

For all the above use-cases, please use the JS API instead.

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