Understanding Account structure, Vendors, Purposes and Cookies

In ConsentManager you will find different entities that you can create, enable, select and assign to each other.

Account structure

In your account you will be able to create one or more CMPs. The CMP is the root for all your general settings, legal settings and will give you a unique code that you need to implement into your website.

You will then assign one or more vendors, purposes and cookies to this CMP. Also each CMP will use one or more designs.


Purposes are "groups" of vendors. On the one hand, purposes will help your visitors to better understand what a certain vendor is doing (e.g. marketing, analytics, social media, ...). On the other hand, the purposes will help the visitor to make the decision easier by enabling or disabling a purpose (and with with all vendors that belong to this purpose) instead of enabling/disabling each vendor one by one.


A vendor represents a company or tool that is used in your website and that either sets cookies or processes personal data of the visitor. Usually the integrated crawler will tell you which vendors are used on your website and add them automatically to your vendor list. Please ensure to assign a purpose to each vendor.


Cookies are objects that vendors store on a visitors device. This includes "normal" HTTP or JavaScript Cookies, as well as other data (e.g. local storage objects). Usually the integrated crawler will create the list of cookies for you. Please ensure to assign a vendor to each cookie (in case the automatic detection of the crawler did not find the corresponding vendor).

Please note that cookies are only informational and do not change the way if/how the blocking is done in the website. The CMP will always block purposes and/or vendors but never block single cookies.


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