7. Blocking Third-Party Codes and Cookies

In order to be compliant with GDPR or CCPA it is necessary that the CMP can block codes if no consent or an opt-out is given. In order to allow this, you can either choose the manual or automatic blocking mechanism of ConsentManager. For a higher compliance safety we recommend using manual blocking.

Automatic blocking of codes and cookies

Although we recommend manual blocking due to higher safety of compliance, automatic code blocking can be a good choice in some cases.

Recommended: Use manual blocking
In manual blocking mode the CMP will not block codes or cookies automatically unless the third party codes in your website are prepared for blocking or the triggers in your TagManager are aligned.

Manual blocking of codes and cookies

Blocking codes that integrated directly in your website (without TagManager)

Examples on how to work with ...

See examples on how to block other third-party codes & cookies.

Blocking codes via Blocking-Rule in your Tag Manager

How to block codes and cookies with ...


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