The ConsentManager CMP will create reports in order to allow you to get a better feeling on what is happening on your website.

Filter and grouping

In order to get the best overview, you can filter the data that is displayed to you. Therefore simply select the required options from the form:

All dimensions can also be grouped. Simply tick the checkbox for the dimension that you like to group. All dimensions can be combined/grouped with all other dimensions.

Depending on the grouping, some reported columns will appear empty. E.g. if you group by Design, the column "PageViews" will show a 0 (Zero) because the pageviews are not counted by design.


Once the report is generated it will show the following metrics:

  • Traffic > PageViews
    Amount of PageViews your website had. See our definition of a page view. A pageview includes all times when our code was installed on your website, no matter on whether or not the consent layer was shown.

  • Traffic > Choice existed
    Amount of PageViews with pre-existing choice. As for unknown visitors the first page view will be used to show the consent layer, these number will usually only include pageviews 2, 3, 4, 5 ... of a visitor.

  • Traffic > Accepted
    Amount of PageViews with pre-existing choice where all options were accepted.
    Traffic > Rejected
    Amount of PageViews with pre-existing choice where all options were rejected.
  • Traffic > Custom
    Amount of PageViews with pre-existing choice where custom options were chosen.

  • Traffic > Not necessary
    Amount of PageViews where consent was not necessary (e.g. visitors outside of the EEA/EU and/or US/California).

  • Traffic > Not possible
    Amount of PageViews where a cosent layer should be shown (e.g. the visitor did not choose yet or the layer should be re-shown because of new settings) but the CMP decided to not show the consent screen (e.g. because the visitors browser did not support cookies or the visitor ignored the consent screen too often).

  • Consent Screen > View
    Amount of on how often the consent screen was shown. This is not the same as the amount of visitors as a single visitor could ignore the consent layer and refresh the page several times (and so the number of consent screen shown would be counted multiple times).

  • Consent Screen > Accept
    Amount of consent screens being shown and the visitor clicked on the accept button.
  • Consent Screen > Reject
    Amount of consent screens being shown and the visitor clicked on the reject button.
  • Consent Screen > Custom
    Amount of consent screens being shown and the visitor made a custom choice.

  • Consent Screen > Bounce rate
    Percentage of PageViews on which a consent screen was shown and which lead the visitor to leave the website instead of continuing to surf on the website. The usual scenario for this would be a visitor coming to your website, the consent layer is shown and leaves the page (with or without making a choice before leaving).

Exporting the report

In order to export the report, you can use the Export CSV link above the result table. If you like to export the report automatically, you can either use our API or copy the export link and add &kname=...&kpass=... the the link in order to authenticate. If you do so, please ensure not to give the link to any third party as it will contain your password in plain text.

Please note: Reporting details are only available for 45 days. After this, the report will only show grouped data by date and no longer by design/os/browser and so on.

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