Consent Log / Protocol / Audit trail

In order to provide proof that consent was given, we will save a protocol / consent log for all choices a visitor made. The protocol is encrypted and stored on dedicated servers in the EU (no cloud servers, data is not leaving the EU). The log contains the following data:

  • ID of protocol entry
  • Date
  • Type of entry
  • Consent Type
  • Country
  • Lang
  • IP (truncated depending on CMP settings)
  • Browser string
  • URL
  • ConsentData (IAB TCF Consent String/TC String)
  • Custom Purposes
  • Custom Vendors
  • internal ID
  • external ID 1
  • external ID 2
  • external ID 3
  • CMP ID
  • Design ID
  • OS ID
  • Browser ID
  • Device ID
  • Domain ID
  • Text Version
  • CMP Version
  • Design Version
  • Cookies allowed

Finding a specific user in the audit log

In case of a complaint, the audit log can provide proof of consent. As the protocol will contain many entries (potentially millions, depending on the amount of visitors a website has), it is important to narrow down the entries and filter them. You can do this by either using our protocol API or simply forward the following details to us so we can help you extract the right rows:

  • If the visitor did not yet delete the cookies: Please export all cookies that beginn with "__cmp". Usually this can be done by using the browsers developer console (press key [F12] under windows). Please export all cookies with names, value and additional details (e.g. domain, date and so on).
  • Date and time of the visit when consent/rejection was given
  • Browser the visitor used (e.g. Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, ...), please also give the Browser version (e.g. Chrome 92)
  • Operating system the visitor used (e.g. Windows XP, Windows 11, Mac XYZ, Apple iPhone 12, Linux Redhat, ...)
  • Device Type the visitor used (e.g. PC, Laptop, Tablet, Phone, ...)
  • Language in which the visitor saw the consent layer
  • Specific website on which the visitor gave consent/rejection; please also state if it was the start page, a certain product page or similar.
  • IP-address of the visitor; if the IP-address of the date of visit cannot be found, please get the current IP-address of the visitor, that will help narrow down the service provider, region and other technical details.

Please note: The more details can be provided, the more likely it is to narrow down the result set to the right entries. Hence please provide as much information as possible.

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