Site-URL parameters

The CMP supports different parameters that can be added to the website's URL in order to influence the CMPs behavior. All parameters can either be added using #parametername or ?parametername or &parametername. The following parameters exist:

Parametername Description
cmplang=... Set the display language to the value supplied via the parameter. E.g. ?cmplang=DE
cmpscreen Forces the CMP to show the welcome page of the consent layer.
cmpscreencustom Forces the CMP to show the custom settings page of the consent layer.
cmpnoscreen Forces the CMP to not show.
cmpimport=... Imports the consent information into the CMP. See imports here.
cmpregulation=... Sets the regulation that should apply. 0=no regulation, 1=GDPR, 2=CCPA, 3=LGPD
cmpnoblock=... Forces the automatic cookie blocking script to ignore the supplied domain.
cmpnoblocking Forces the automatic cookie blocking to ignore all codes.
cmpdebug Enables additional output in the browser console.
cmpconsole Opens the CMP console
cmpdesign=... Forces the CMP to use this specific design ID. Note: The design must be enabled in Menu > CMPs > Edit > Designs. If you like to test a design prior to go live, simply add a targeting to this design and use ?cmpdesign= in your browser URL in order to see the design on your page.
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