Integrating the CMP into a CTV/HbbTV App

The CMP can be implemented into CTV (connected TV or SmartTV) apps and HbbTV environments using the native Android-TV SDK (Java/Kotlin) or our Web-TV SDK depending on targeted Operating System. Here is an overview on target systems:

Target system TV Brands
Used SDK
Android TV Sony, Sharp, Philips, TCL, Hisense, Nokia, Xiaomi, Vu Android-TV SDK
FireTV OS Toshiba, Insignia Android-TV SDK
AOSP (Android Open Source Project) Philips Android-TV SDK
Tizen Samsung Web-TV SDK
Vidaa Hisense Web-TV SDK
SmartCast Vizio Web-TV SDK
NetRange various Web-TV SDK
Foxxum various Web-TV SDK
WhaleOS Skyworth Web-TV SDK
Coolita OS Konka Web-TV SDK
Vewd (Opera TV) various Web-TV SDK
NetGem various Web-TV SDK
RokuTV TCL, Hisense, Sharp not supported
Apple TV OS AppleTV not supported

Using the Android-TV SDK

Installation, integration and setup of the Android-TV SDK follows the steps described in our standard Android SDK documentation. When initialising the SDK, the SDK will automatically detect the platform variable and automatically identify that a TV environment is used. Note that the QR-Code in the custom settings / privacy policy is exclusive to the Android TV platform.

Using the Web-TV SDK

In order to use the Web-TV SDK please go to Menu > CMPs > Get Codes for ... TV and copy the Code for Web-TV environments. Copy & Past the code into your app. There are no additional steps needed. All configuration will be done within your consentmanager account directly. Additional configuration can be done using the same steps as described via client side configuration variables.

Setup Designs for TV environments

When showing the CMP in a TV, we recommend to use a separate CMP and adjust the design settings for this CMP. In general, the following topics should be considered when designing the interface for a TV:

  • Increased font size
  • Increased size of the buttons
  • Increased contrast font/background
  • Typically a dark background would be used
  • Reduction of navigation items
  • Use of QR-codes for custom settings / privacy policy

Note: When using the Android TV SDK or Web-TV SDK, the system will automatically enable the use of QR codes for custom settings and several outgoing links.

Note: Some older TV devices may not support cookies but only local storage. We therefore recommend to disable cookies in the CMP settings.

Note: Some older TV devices may not support some HTTPs CA certificates. We therefore recommend setting the codes to HTTP by adding using <script>window.cmp_proto = "http:";</script> bevore the CMP code and chaning all https to http in the <script src="...">.

Supported / Tested device versions

The Web TV-SDK has been successfully tested with specific OS versions to ensure compability:

  • webOS: 1.4.x (No cookie support), 2.0, 3.4, 3.9, 4.4, 5.4, 7.3
  • Tizen OS 2.3 (No https support), 2.4 (No https support), 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, 6.0, 7.0
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