How to integrate the CMP into a xt:commerce Shop?

In order to integrate your CMP into a xt:commerce website, please follow these steps:

Install plugin

  1. Download the plugin:
  2. Extract file into plugins folder.
  3. Go to your admin panel [plugins > plugins uninstalled]

  4. Here you get the plugin, Add Plugin by + Icon.

Activate plugin

  1. Go to plugins > plugins installed > module class: law, edit plugin.

  2. Check checkbox of plugin status, press save button to activate plugin.

  3. Plugin activated!

Plugin configuration

  1. For set configuration of consentmanager plugin edit plugin.
  2. Add CMP Code-ID

  3. Set Blocking mode of code, if we have not select there were by default automatic block are

  4. Optional: add additional HTML code in the "CMP-Code" (or "additional HTML code" in the newer plugins). Useful to adjust your CMP manually (
  5. Save plugin.
  6. Done!
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